Multifil - Surface Modified Fillers

These are high performance products based on a range of fillers currently used in the polymer industry. 

In our final products these fillers impart strength & hydrophobicity which give;

Improved dispersion characteristics 

Improved handling

Higher levels of filler incorporation 

Reduced mixing viscosities


The filler types most encounter are: silica, calcined clay, alumni trihydrate, silicates, mica and wollastonite.

Typical surface modifiers are;

 Vinyl silanes 

Mercapto silanes

Epoxy silanes


Organic acids

Non ionic, anionic, cationic surfactants

In most applications the dosage level of the surface modifier is optimised to meet your specific requirements of performance and cost.

Practical dosages may vary from as low as 0.2% up to a maximum of 8.0%. Typical values are between 1.5% and 3.0%.

** Advice Can Be Given If Required **