About Us

Multiblend Chemicals Limited was formed in 1980 to provide a specialised compounding service for the rubber, plastics and chemical industries in the U.K.

The companies main objective was to offer these industries products which were innovative or unique in nature.

In many instances the level of presentation and technical expertise applied to the design of these products have helped gain the long term confidence of our customers

This Approach has lead to a company characterised by; 
  • Logical & progressive development of all product groups
  • Creation of completely new products that are genuinely and appreciably better in all performance characteristics
  • A solid Foundation of quality and reliability standards
  • Unequalled speed of response to customer requests and market demand
  • The highest level of client confidentiality and professional integrity extending to all executive and plant levels
  • Flexibility to our customers exact handling needs 
Products are offered in convenient quantities and sizes, from as low as 500g in low melt EVA sachets up to 1 tonne in bulk containers


** Quantities and sizes subject to customers specification**

Multiblend Chemicals Limited is committed to supplying products of consistent quality at all times. In order for us to meet our objectives, we have in place a quality system which ensures that all employees work to defined procedures that satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015