Multiblend Chemicals Limited is committed to supplying Products of Consistent Quality that at all time meet with Customer needs and provide high Customer Satisfaction; thereby enhancing our position as a Leading Supplier of Specialised Compounded Chemical Blends for the Rubber, Plastics and General Chemical Industries.

In order to meet our objectives, we have implemented a Quality System which ensures that all Employees work to defined Procedures that satisfy the requirements of: BS EN 9001:2008. 

The quality system is maintained by REGULAR INTERNAL AUDITS carried out by Independent Personnel. Management and Supervisory Staff are given the authority to implement a TOTAL QUALITY POLICY achieving quality improvements for analysis at regular management Quality Review Meetings.


To focus on customer satisfaction, meeting and exceeding expectations.  A commitment to total quality and continual improvement.  A commitment to environmental improvements and the Health & Safety of all stakeholders.


The Quality Manager is the Appointed Management Representative, who irrespective of other responsibilities has the authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of this International Standard are implemented and maintained by Multiblend Chemicals Limited.

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