Multispec - Bespoke Compounds

Drawing from the wealth of knowledge acquired in solving customers' problems, Multiblend Chemicals Limited, offers the unique service for providing tailor made compounds.
Examples of the range of products supplied are:-
Dust suppressed powders
Flow aided powders
Easysperse powders

Bearing in mind the increasing requirements for a safer working environment many potentially hazardous chemicals can be dust suppressed by suitable treatment.

Our Multispec dust suppressed powders offer the simplest and most cost effective method for dust suppression.

The damping medium is selected by careful choice to be fully compatible with the customers' compound.

In many factories, automatic metering systems are employed, which necessitates the use of free flowing powders. To this end, Multispec free flowing powders were made available.

The choice of flow aid depends on your final application.

Particulate agglomeration can occur often with disastrous effects in the final product or compound eg.

Sulphur spotting
Zinc oxide compaction
Reduced pigment efficiency
Multispec easysperse compounds can significantly reduce or eliminate these problems.
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